Okavango Mokoro Safaris

Dug-out canoe or mokoro trips have become the popular way for travellers to experience the tranquillity of the Okavango Delta.

It is not surprising that regardless of budget  visitors to Botswana wanting real insight into the lives of the people of the Okavango choose to do these trips.

They are a good way to slip quietly into, and become part of every day life in this watery African wonderland.

kingfisher from mokoro

The Old Bridge Tours & Safaris runs all its Mokoro trails through the “Okavango Kopano Mokoro Community Trust” who set the guide and community fees for activities.

The members of this community traditionally use this area of the delta for fishing, reed cutting and the harvesting of water lily bulbs. The mokoro is an integral part of these activities.

We run trips ranging from one to four days, for up to six people. Larger groups can be organised but require prior arrangement.

A motorboat transfer during times of high water or a safari 4×4 transfer during times of low water both take approximately one hour from Maun. These will start and end your trip, taking you out by 8 a.m. and getting you back by 5 p.m.

Your days will be spent with your guide gliding silently down waterways, chilling in camp during the mid-day heat and taking early morning and late afternoon game viewing walks.

Your evenings are spent in island camp sites sitting at the fire-side immersed in the sounds of wild African nights.

Self-catering Mokoro trips

Okavango mokoro safari

For our self-catered trips you need to take your own food and equipment with you, however for those traveling light you can hire a tent and other necessary equipment from us. This is perhaps the most affordable way to experience the Okavango.

The Old Bridge Tours & Safaris  sends all overnight self catered mokoro trips out with: Mokoro seats, firewood, refuse bags, toilet paper and a spade.

You are not obliged to take food for your guide / poler but it would be a nice gesture to share with him, as he will be sharing his wonderful garden with you.We also send a little extra for your guides.

Prices: (Valid until 1st December 2019)

1 day trip costs P 750.00 per person
2 day trip costs P1000.00 per person
3 day trip costs P1300.00 per person
4 day trip costs P1600.00 per person
Plus P 300.00 per person for each additional day.

If extra luggage Mekoro (pl.) are required they cost P 240.00 per Mokoro per day.

Our self catered mokoro trip prices do not include coverage by Okavango Air Rescue. Details for OAR can be found at the bottom of our home page. If you do become a patron please let us know.

Painted reed frog from mokoro

Fully catered and equipped Mokoro trips
(minimum 2 people)

In addition to the community guide and polers we send our own guide on these trips. Most of the community guides are very capable but as we do not have a say as to which community guide will take you out  (they work on a rotation system) we make sure that a good standard is kept. We also send a chef, all provisions, equipment and extra luggage Mekoro. Due to the nature of these trips we us light weight hiking style equipment, not the heavy canvass equipment that is used on mobile and boating safaris. Camping stretchers are supplied for sleeping on only by special request

A typical itinerary for a three day mokoro trip would be as follows.

Day 1 Take a 1 hour motorboat or 4×4 ride (depending on water levels) from “The Bridge” to the community run mokoro station departing around 8:15am.
Arrive at the Mokoro station around 9:15, meet your mokoro guides/polers and
load all luggage and equipment into the mekoro.
Spend 3 hours on a mokoro gliding to your campsite.
Once in your riverside campsite, have lunch followed by an hour or two relaxation . Your guide will then take you for a 2 -3 hour late afternoon game walk.
Arrive back to camp, have a shower (bucket shower hoisted into a tree)
and enjoy your campfire dinner.
Spend the evening around the campfire enjoying interaction with your guides and listening to their stories.
Day 2 Wake up early, around 5:30 for coffee/tea cereal and rusks.
Depart on a 4 hour early morning game walk.
Return at around 10am for a hearty brunch.
Relax in camp, or ask your guides to take you for a swim.
Mid afternoon, go for a 3 hour mokoro trip or game walk arriving back in camp just before sunset, have a shower and enjoy your campfire dinner.
Day 3 Wake up early, around 5:30 for coffee/tea cereal and rusks.
Depart on a 4 hour early morning game walk.
Return at around 10am for a hearty brunch.
Relax in camp, or ask your guides to take you for a swim.
Return to mokoro station for motorboat pick up at 4pm
Return back to “The Bridge” at 5pm

Prices: (Valid until the 1st December 2019)

2 day trip costs P 3100.00 per person
3 day trip costs P 4650.00 per person
4 day trip costs P 6200.00 per person
Plus P 1550.00  per person for each additional day.
Prices include 12% VAT.

Okavango landscapes